Alice in Wonderland 8+

by Lewis Carroll
adapted for the stage by Barbara Bürk

Alice is lying in the grass and feeling terribly bored, when suddenly a white rabbit appears, running to and fro and constantly checking his pocket watch. What is more – the rabbit can talk! Out of curiosity, Alice follows the talking animal and falls down his rabbit hole – all the way to the centre of the earth. There she finds an excitingly new and unfamiliar world where nothing and no-one is quite as they seem: Alice meets fantastical but also nightmarish characters like the Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty the talking egg, the Hatter, the March Hare, and the Queen of Hearts with her famous battle cry: “Off with their heads!” Realities shift – small things become big and big things become small. Words lose their meaning and rules are twisted. Experience, education, and common sense are rendered ad absurdum. Alice is curious but constantly has to struggle with finding her way and her ground in this strange and dreamlike world. For the first time in her life she is confronted with the question: Who exactly am I really? Her crazy journey through wonderland is accompanied by lots of music and singing.

For her production of »Alice in Wonderland« at the Junges Schauspielhaus Barbara Bürk was awarded the FAUST-Theaterpreis 2012.

Photos © Sinje Hasheider

With: Hermann Book, Angelina Häntsch, Philipp Kronenberg, Christine Ochsenhofer, Florens Schmidt, Clemens Sienknecht

Directed by Barbara Bürk Set and Costume Design: Anke Grot Music: Clemens Sienknecht Lighting Design: Björn Salzer Dramaturgy: Steffen Sünkel