Zwiegespräche und Karaoke mit Gott (Conversations and Karaoke with God)

A divine evening with puppets

God is being so damn creative again. In no time, new creations are being tried and discarded. “Conversations with God” is a divine puppet theatre production by Veronika Thieme based on the eponymous book by Ahne, directed by Christian Weise. After the show Suse Wächter, her puppet ensemble and Tine Hagemann invite you to “Karaoke with God” under the motto “It’s the singer, not the song” – starring Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Henry Ford, Jesus Christ, Michael Jackson, and others. Video clips by Jo Schramm.

With: Sachiko Hara, Veronika Thieme

Puppeteers: Suse Wächter, Tine Hagemann Director »Zwiegespräche«: Christian Weise Director »Karaoke«: Suse Wächter Video »Karaoke«: Jo Schramm