The »Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg« is not only one of the most beautiful theatre buildings in the German-speaking countries, but also one of the largest with over 1.200 seats. Located directly behind the central train station in the heart of St. Georg it looks back onto more than 100 years of turbulent history. Founded in 1900 as a private initiative by the citizens of Hamburg it now is one of the leading theaters in Germany. Well-known directors such as Gustaf Gründgens, Peter Zadek and Frank Baumbauer have had an impact on the theatre and helped spread its excellent reputation far beyond the borders of Hamburg.

Since 2005, the »Junges Schauspielhaus« is part of the Schauspielhaus under the direction of Klaus Schumacher. With plays for younger audiences and a programme for children the »Junges Schauspielhaus« since the 2013/14 season. Karin Beier joined the Deutsche Schauspielhaus as artistic director in 2013/14. Besides Karin Beier herself some of the most influential theatre directors work at the SchauSpielHaus, for example Katie Mitchell, René Pollesch, Christoph Marthaler, Karin Henkel or Frank Castorf.