by René Pollesch

Premiere 25/09/2021


“I don’t want it anymore. Why won’t it get light? Give me the sun! If not outside, then in here at least. In here there’s not much that can be done. But then not outside either.
Hope, no one has it, but everyone wants it, so they do have hope after all. We see that we can’t change things, but much deeper runs the belief that things can be changed.
Everything disappears. Except for the timeless things, those slackers. They’re always there. Classic.”

With: Sachiko Hara, Eva Maria Nikolaus, Angelika Richter, Sophie Rois, Marie Rosa Tietjen

Directed by: René Pollesch Stage design: Barbara Steiner Costume design: Tabea Braun Lightning: Rebekka Dahnke Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier