West Pier

by Bernard-Marie Koltès

A disused dock in a dilapidated waterfront on the river. This is where Maurice Koch, a banker who embezzled millions, has his secretary Monique drive him to commit suicide. But the suicide attempt fails. A homeless black man named Abad pulls him out of the water. A rundown warehouse, a dark place, the floor is slippery, light comes in only through holes in the roof. His foot broken, Maurice limps into the rotting building. There he and Monique meet an immigrant family, who in turn try to rip off the rich intruders. The parents, Cécile and Rudolphe, fled their homeland because of the war, a decision that Cécile is beginning to question. Their son Charles, however, dreams of a better life on the other side of the river. His little sister Claire wants to follow him, but first Charles sells off her virginity to his buddy Fak. A strange constellation of people that only a strange place like this allows. They are all endlessly busy trading things, negotiating, dealing, actions that are "composed of a thousand common dramas: desire, greed, alleged consent, deep secrets that everyone keeps to themselves" (Koltès).
»West Pier« premiered in 1986. The significance of the late author Koltès is undisputed: his work is politically absolutely present, realistic, mysterious, hard, inexorable, poetic, tragic, and funny at the same time.

With: Eva Bühnen, Sandra Gerling, Markus John, Jan-Peter Kampwirth, Carlo Ljubek, Peter Moltzen, Julia Wieninger

Directed by: Michael Thalheimer Stage Design: Olaf Altmann Costume Design: Michaela Barth Composition: Bert Wrede Lightning: Holger Stellwag Dramaturgy: Klaus Missbach