Season 2017-18


Tartare Noir

A grotesque inspired by motifs from Thomas Peckett Prest

Directed by: Karin Beier

Premiere: 15/9/2017 / SchauSpielHaus

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The Night of St. Valentine

by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom

Mitarbeit und Übersetzung: Rolf C. Hemke

Directed by: Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom

Premiere: 17/9/2017 / MalerSaal

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Rose Bernd

by Gerhart Hauptmann

Directed by: Karin Henkel

A co-production with the Salzburger Festspiele

Premiere Hamburg: 1/10/2017 / SchauSpielHaus



By the King’s Way

by Elfriede Jelinek

Directed by: Falk Richter

Premiere: 28/10/2017 / SchauSpielHaus



Anna Karenina –
but with another text and another melody

by Clemens Sienknecht und Barbara Bürk nach Lew Tolstoi

Directed by: Clemens Sienknecht und Barbara Bürk

Premiere: 11/11/2017 / MalerSaal



A Sorrow Halved

A Performance-installation

Directed by: SIGNA

Premiere: 16/11/2017 / in der ehemaligen Werkhalle der Firma Heidenreich & Harbeck, Wiesendamm 30



The Golden Glove

by Studio Braun based on the novel by Heinz Strunk

Directed by: Studio Braun

Premiere: 18/11/2017 / SchauSpielHaus



The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

Directed by: Karin Beier

Premiere: 27/1/2018 / SchauSpielHaus



The Hairy Ape

by Eugene O’Neill

Directed by: Frank Castorf

Premiere: 17/2/2018 / SchauSpielHaus



Sleeping Men

by Martin Crimp

Directed by: Katie Mitchell

Premiere: 17/3/2018 / MalerSaal



Uberman or Love Visits

by Christoph Marthaler nach Alfred Jarry

Directed by: Christoph Marthaler

Premiere: 18/3/2018 / SchauSpielHaus

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The Golden Age of Debt

by Ayad Akhtar

Directed by: Jan Philipp Gloger

German Premiere: 21/4/2018 / SchauSpielHaus



Eine Koproduktion mit der Theaterakademie

Premiere: April 2018 / MalerSaal


The Empire Builders or The Schmürz

by Boris Vian

Directed by: Victor Bodo

Premiere: 20/5/2018 / MalerSaal