3 fly high

by Finn-Ole Heinrich und Dita Zipfel

It’s just, I always thought, friendship is when you stay together, and not that one flies away, so they are somewhere separately, and alone.”

What a mess they are in: Heike, a firefly in her prime, who wants to finally break this endless cycle of firefly life. And her best and only friend Robert-Robert, who turned vegetarian for her sake (because even if he is a frog, he needn’t behave like one, hang out in the pond all day, and eat insects – he learned that from Heike). Suddenly they are locked up in this unfamiliar space, which looks suspiciously like a cardboard box. Robert-Robert has lots of questions: “What does it mean, Heike? Where are we? What are we going to do now?” And who is that third guy over in the corner, who looks like a fruit fly with a PhD, calls himself Honolulu-Jacques, and immediately makes the worst mistake ever in Heike’s book, by calling her “little glowworm”. If he knew what consequences that could have! Will they have to unite forces with him to get out? And anyway: what will they find on the other side of the wall? Does this outside exist and – is all this really happening? Heike takes things in hand: “We need to find out urgently what sort of game is being played here.”

Dita Zipfel and Finn-Ole Heinrich have written numerous children’s books and plays, and created a number of performances in Hamburg together with director Cora Sachs, who in her productions explores the boundaries between theatre, dance, music, and puppet theatre. Their collaborative project “Wenn wir tanzen, summt die Welt” (“When we dance, the world hums”) was awarded the Theaterpreis Hamburg – Rolf Mares in two categories (“Outstanding direction” and “Outstanding stage design/ décor”). “3 fly high” is their first work at the Junges SchauSpielHaus.

With: Sergej Gößner, Christine Ochsenhofer, Marie Scharf

Directed, Costume Design & Masks by: Cora Sachs Stage Design: Katrin Plötzky Music: Nis-Momme Köpp Video & Live Visuals: Mara Wild Lightning: Ole Dahnke Sound: Caroline Woelke Dramaturgy: Sonja Szillinsky