Version by Kay Voges, Matthias Seier and Bastian Lomsché
Adapted from the novel by José Saramago
/ Repertoire

Premieres 16/03/2019



12/Sun SchauSpielHaus / Repertoire

At a busy intersection, a man waits for the traffic light to turn green and – suddenly goes blind. A helpful passer-by brings the blind man home; a little later he also becomes blind. A strange epidemic seems to have broken out, with more and more people in the city turning blind from one moment to the next. To avoid further contagion, the government cannot think of another solution but to intern the victims in a deserted mental institution. Disoriented, left to themselves, and unable to grasp their destiny, the blind seek to organise their lives in this new environment. But the more people arrive, the more unbearable, chaotic, and violent the situation becomes.
In his novel »Blindness«, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998, the great Portuguese storyteller José Saramago not only paints the realistic picture of a sudden catastrophe, but also reveals the philosophical universe of a general blindness in which human action appears as violent and ridiculously grotesque. We are delighted that Kay Voges, who was recently invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen with his spectacular production of »Borderline Prozession«, will be staging a play for the first time for the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus.

With: Michael Weber, Ali Ahmad, Irene Benedict, Patrick Berg, Muriel Bielenberg, Antonia Dreeßen, Ralf Drexler, Carlotta Freyer, Sandra Gerling, Josefine Großkinsky, Rosemary Hardy, Jonas Hien, Markus John, Christoph Jöde, Matti Krause, Philipp Kronenberg, Greg Liakopoulos, Jannik Nowak, Maximilian Scheidt, Julia Schubert, Jakob Walser In the movie: Linda Zervakis, Andreas Beck

Directed by: Kay Voges Stage Design: Pia Maria Mackert Costume Design: Mona Ulrich Assistant to stage designer: Mara Henni Klimek Director of Photography: Voxi Bärenklau Videoart: Robi Voigt Composition: Paul Wallfisch Live-Camera: Marcel Urlaub, Philip Jestädt Live-Editing: Martin Langhof Live-Grading: Severin Renke Video: Alexander Grasseck, Antje Haubenreisser, Peter Stein Soundsampling: Dominik Wegmann Sound: André Bouchekir, Shorty Gerriets, Christian Jahnke Dramaturgy: Bastian Lomsché