The Golden Glove

by Studio Braun based on the novel by Heinz Strunk Directed by: Studio Braun

Premiere 18/11/2017


In St. Pauli’s 24-hour drinking hole »Zum Goldenen Handschuh« (The Golden Glove) the lowest of the low gather, Hamburg’s infernal nightlife. Among them is Fritz Honka, who comes here to collect the wounded souls who will later become his victims. "He imagines a different world where he is young and healthy, his breath is fresh, and he can create heaven on earth for a woman who smells of roses, a woman with perfect skin, beautiful teeth and an immaculate body. He is overcome by a catastrophic desire for happiness. He is hoping for a miracle, as he has been doing all along."

Heinz Strunk has written an award-winning novel about Altona’s ripper Fritz Honka. Studio Braun – alias Jacques Palminger, Rocko Schamoni and Heinz Strunk – will bring the monstrous story to the stage in a revue full of alcohol, sex, misery and crime.

With: Lina Beckmann, Rica Blunck, Lieven Brunckhorst, Ali Busse, Rosemary Hardy, Taco van Hettinga, Jonas Hien, Sebastian Hoffmann, Charly Hübner, Josef Ostendorf, Jacques Palminger, Jens Rachut, Sönke Rust, Rocko Schamoni, Heinz Strunk, Matthias Strzoda, Bettina Stucky, Michael Weber, Gala Othero Winter

Directed by: Studio Braun Set Design: Stéphane Laimé Costume Design: Dorle Bahlburg Music: Studio Braun, Lieven Brunckhorst, Sebastian Hoffmann Sound: Matthias Lutz, Christoph Naumann Lightning Design: Rebekka Dahnke Videodesign: Jan Speckenbach Video: Marcel Didolff, Peter Stein Choreography: Rica Blunck Dramaturgy: Bastian Lomsché