The Trees

By Dawn King
Based on »The Cherry Orchard« by Anton Chekhov
German version by Henning Bochert


03/Fri SchauSpielHaus

“We barely speak of them and their name escapes us. Philosophy has always overlooked them, more out of contempt than out of neglect. They are the cosmic ornament, the inessential and multicoloured accident that reigns in the margins of the cognitive field…. Plants are the always open wound of the metaphysical snobbery that defines our culture,” accuses Emmanuele Coccia in his book »The Life of Plants«. It is about time to bring the silent protagonists of Anton Checkhov’s famous last work into the foreground.
The British author Dawn King will make the trees in »The Cherry Orchard« the starting point for her rewriting and refocus our attention on the threat to the existential ecosystem of our planet. How could we have come to the point where the generation of cherry orchard owners are no longer even aware that they “live on credit, at the expense of others”? Or – if ever they do realise – that they are incapable of doing anything substantial about it?

Directed by: Katie Mitchell