The Whole World in My Room 12+

Play development
Directed by Klaus Schumacher

Premiere 17/05/2018

Immanuelkirche Veddel

A girl has disappeared. The family is in turmoil, friends are full of concern, and the school starts asking questions. What happened? The girl was neither kidnapped nor did she run away, nor has she been forgotten at a motorway stop. The girl has locked herself into her room and decided no longer to participate in real life but rather to create a fictional world for herself online. All ties to the outside have been severed. Contact seems impossible. The girl appears to be lost. How does the family react? How do her friends behave when they notice that they have been banished from her life? And what does the state do when someone declares their existence in real life to be over? Is she even in her room or has she maybe run away? The search for where the alienation originated begins, as does the attempt to overcome the speechlessness that resulted from it.

Klaus Schumacher will develop this piece about family, relationships, and growing-up in to-day's world together with the ensemble. The digital world is our greatest tool for escape and opportunity. We can re-shape ourselves, become someone we wouldn't dare to be in everyday life, and experience worlds that would otherwise remain closed to us. But at the same time the web can be a space of coldness, of unregulated violence and bullying. The attractiveness of the online word is undoubtedly great, but what is it really? Can it replace real human relation-ships? Is there any warmth or caring in the digital world? Do family and friends offer us too little space where we can feel free and secure? Where can I be myself? With these questions we enter a project that is developed and written by the ensemble itself. Klaus Schumacher and the ensemble already created similar pieces at the SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, such as "Tags anders ... nachts auch" [Days different...nights too], "Playback Life", and "Louis und Louisa".

"Many people don't understand how our relationships works. I always explain that children play with imaginary friends all the time, and adults know lots of the people with whom they interact daily only virtually. We move our relationships into social networks and outsource our office as well as our secretaries into some digital space. Why not the boyfriend as well?"

With: Hermann Book, Gabriel Kähler, Christine Ochsenhofer, Katherina Sattler, Sophia Vogel

Directed by: Klaus Schumacher Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Lightning Design: Jonathan Nacke Sound: Nicanor Müller von der Haegen, Benjamin Owuso Composition: Tobias Vethake Dramaturgy: Nora Khuon