by Ayad Akhtar
FAQ-Room 4

Premieres 16/01/2016


The artist Emily and her husband Amir, a successful corporate lawyer, are having a dinner party in their New York apartment. The invited couple, Jory and Isaac, are friends of theirs: Jory is a colleague of Amir’s and Isaac is a curator and not unimportant for Emily’s career. All of them are well-educated, sophisticated, and full of irony – enlightened citizens of the 21st century. At the same time, Amir is a Pakistani American of Muslim heritage who is skeptical of Islam, Jory is African American, Isaac an American Jew and Emily a white middle-class American inspired by Islamic art. Over first-course salad, the conversation turns to 9/11, the nature of Islam, the roots of monotheistic religions, Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu. They start to quarrel about long-forgotten resentments and insurmountable differences. Following its success in the US, Ayad Akthar’s award-winning tragic comedy »Disgraced« now sees its German-language premiere.

With: Ute Hannig, Jonas Hien, Carlo Ljubek, Isabelle Redfern, Samuel Weiss

Directed by Klaus Schumacher Set Design: Jo Schramm Costume Design: Karin Simon Dramaturgy: Jörg Bochow Lightning Design: Susanne Ressin