King Arthur 8+

by Markus Bothe
Recommended for people aged 8+

Premiere 08/11/2014


The times in England are dark: the country is threatened by enemies from within and without. There is no king to rule the country. Everyone is fighting for their own benefit or simply for survival. No knightly virtues, no heroic deeds; murder and manslaughter instead of hope and glory. Nothing but a miracle can save the country now.

Young Arthur grows up as the stepson of Sir Hector and dreams of a brighter future. One in which his stepfather and brother Kaye, for example, will stop harassing him all the time. He would like to be a knight, but as a foundling he lacks the aristocratic pedigree. A knave to Kaye is as far as he could get.

But sometimes, even in dark times, miracles blossom. Arthur breaks out of his miserable life and encounters the Black Knight, whose secret he uncovers. On their travels together they encounter the legendary Merlin, who bears the stamp of an even more distant past. Merlin teaches him and his companion Guinevere to hold their own in a hostile environment. For Arthur the dull days of his former life are over and new adventures await.

A mysterious stone appears – stuck inside it is an immovable sword. Whoever succeeds in pulling out the sword will be king of England, the saying goes... And of course everyone wants to be king, even sinister Mordred, who is under the protection of his mother, the wicked fairy Morgane. Merlin wins a duel against her and, just as Merlin planned, Arthur succeeds in drawing the sword from the stone.

Under Merlin’s guidance, Arthur discovers more than he could have ever dreamed of. He meets new friends, fights dangerous enemies – and, inspired by Merlin, he has an idea to end all arguments and hatred, to create a set of rules that will unite the knights in their fight for justice and peace. He invents the Round Table: a circle of equals who come together to put into effect what everybody dreams of.

Markus Bothe has carved his own way through the thicket of legends that surround the figure of King Arthur. Instead of witnessing the legendary ruler, we are invited to follow young Arthur’s path towards becoming king – confronting a world that threatens to be destroyed.

Previously, Markus Bothe directed »Krabat« and »Inkheart« at the Schauspielhaus.

Photos © Matthias Baus

With: Jonas Hien, Jan-Peter Kampwirth, Jan Krauter, Anne Müller, Johannes Nehlsen, Michael Prelle, Olaf Rausch, Bastian Reiber, Heiner Stadelmann, Michael Weber and Steffen Gottschling, Alexej Mir Musicians: Peer Baierlein, Christian Gerber, Matthias Trippner

Directed by Markus Bothe Set Design: Robert Schweer Costume Design: Justina Klimczyk Music: Biber Gullatz Lighting Design: Rebekka Dahnke Fencing Instructor: Jan Krauter Dramaturgy: Michael Propfe

With the generous support of Freunde des Deutschen Schauspielhauses in Hamburg e.V.