Nach Europa (To Europe)

by Marie NDiaye
Stage adaptation by Friederike Heller
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Premieres 17/11/2013


Running timne: One hour, 30 minutes, no intermission

A Senegalese woman is sent by her family to Europe. People smugglers bring her to the coast, but their boat is not seaworthy. On the beach she meets a young man who helps her to get a false passport. Together they set out on an odyssey across the African continent – to Europe.
Who are the people who dream about living here? Who are the people whom – by means of drones, night vision equipment, underwater cameras, internment, tear gas and rubber bullets – we want to prevent from undertaking the perilous journey here? Who are they, whose faces only flash into view when disasters are reported on the news? Is there any possible way for us to see the world from their perspective?

Based on the novel »Trois femmes puissantes« by Marie Ndiaye © Editions Gallimard
German translation by Claudia Kalscheuer under the title »Drei starke Frauen« © Suhrkamp Verlag
Performance rights: Merlin Verlag, Gifkendorf

With: Matthias Bundschuh, Bettina Stucky, Peter Thiessen

Directed by Friederike Heller Set and Costume Design: Sabine Kohlstedt Music: Peter Thiessen Lighting Design: Andreas Juchheim Dramaturgy: Christian Tschirner