Inn of the Wandering Nose

based «The Gamblers«, «The Nose« and other texts by Nikolai Gogol, developed by Péter Kárpáti / German translation by Sandra Rétháti Directed by Victor Bodo

Premiere 15/10/2016


You know that you have entered Gogol’s world when suddenly a nose in uniform steps down from a coach, a nose which turns out to be your own; or a dead man in search of his stolen jacket tears the furs from passing people’s shoulders; a woman multiplies and, bearing the face of a goose, squats down all over the place; or the portrait of an old man climbs out of its picture frame by night. Gogol’s world is populated by sinister figures. It is a world where irrational events and grotesque scenes prevail, where evil is as banal as it is devilish, as illogical as it is ridiculous. Whoever gets in contact with this world will shiver in fear or even pay with their lives, as the corrupt, fainthearted and self-seeking citizens tend to disappear into the city’s fog as soon as things become uncomfortable.

After their Kafka adaptation »I, the vermin« Victor Bodo, who hasbeen awarded with the European Theatre Prize 2016, and Péter Kárpáti now create a theatre production based on Gogol’s master narratives.

With: Karoline Bär, Ute Hannig, Andreas Grötzinger, Paul Herwig, Michael Prelle, Bastian Reiber, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Michael Weber, Samuel Weiss

Directed by Viktor Bodo Set Design: Julia Balász Costume Design: Krisztina Berzsenyi Music: Klaus von Heydenaber Sound Design: Gábor Keresztes Lighting Design: Andreas Juchheim Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier, Anna Veress