by René Pollesch

Premiere 12/12/2014


M: You know, when someone unexpectedly exclaims their passionate love for us, there is nothing as elemental as that, nothing in our experience that could compare to it. That’s really what blows you away.

B: When I confess my love... to someone on the phone, for example... all I ever hear from the other end is like: “Oh my God!”

C: Because that’s the only way the person I confess my love to can react, completely surprised.
They think: What now. And after about two weeks I try to undo my mistake and I say: What I said the other day, you know, I didn't mean it – and then they are just as shocked all over again. I think that proves that they have been turned into someone who is being loved, and that this shakes them so terribly that they have to accept it.
M: You know, I remember exactly the terrified look on your face, back when I told you that I didn’t really love you. That I hadn’t meant what I said the other day. And that look you had, it wasn’t terrified because you love me, too, or because you had been preparing for this moment. No. It was simply that I had turned you into a person who was being loved. A reality you couldn’t escape from. That’s what terrified you. And isn’t that the kind of reality which always pretends that it has already been there, but which in truth only ever exists in retrospect.

With: Sachiko Hara, Christoph Luser, Bettina Stucky, Martin Wuttke

Directed by René Pollesch Set and Costume Design: Janina Audick Video: Ute Schall Lighting Design: Susanne Ressin Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier