adapted from Andrei Tarkowski & Arkady and Boris Strugatzki
version by David Czesienski and Bastian Lomsché

Premieres 08/09/2019


After a visit by aliens, which initially went unnoticed, strange phenomena occur in different places around the world. Physical and logical laws are no longer valid, people lose their lives in strange ways. Governments evacuate the survivors and set up security zones protected by the military. Whoever tries to enter is shot immediately. But it is said that inside these zones there are treasures unknown to humans: relics with powerful properties, places where the most hidden desires are fulfilled. For a fee, the "Stalker" Red smuggles treasure hunters into the forbidden zone. Their real reasons for this perilous journey remain in the dark and are not always the ones they pretend. But whoever enters the zone does not leave it as the same person, and our greatest desires are often so hidden that they remain unknown even to ourselves. With »Stalker« Andrei Tarkowski created a cinematic masterpiece. It is adapted from the novel »Roadside Picnic« by the Strugatzki brothers, who also wrote the screenplay. David Czesienski will take treasure seekers into the MalerSaal Zone on the basis of these sci-fi classics to finally come up with solutions to the major problems of our time.

With: Jonas Hien, Christoph Jöde, Matti Krause, Johannes Kühn, Maximilian Scheidt, Maria Walser, Michael Weber

Directed by: David Czesienski (Prinzip Gonzo) Stage Design: Lisette Schürer Costume Design and music: Vera Pulido Lightning: Andreas Juchheim Dramaturgy: Bastian Lomsché