The Physicists

by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Premieres 25/04/2015


“A story has been thought to its conclusion when it has taken its worst possible turn.”

In an idyllic Swiss sanatorium nurses are being killed, although it is inhabited by only three harmless patients: One who thinks he is Albert Einstein, another who claims to be Sir Isaac Newton, and a third, Johann Wilhelm Möbius, who thinks he receives regular visits from King Solomon. But something is not right, and it becomes increasingly clear that Möbius is only feigning his madness. He is hiding in the sanatorium because he has discovered the “world formula” and now needs to protect this knowledge, as its use could have catastrophic consequences for all of humanity. But is it possible to hide from the world a knowledge that has already been discovered?

Dürrenmatt wrote »The Physicists« in 1961 as a grotesque comedy that shows man to be a deficient being in a technically advancing world: “Man sees himself increasingly surrounded by powerful tools which he wields but no longer understands.” Inventions that could wipe out all of humanity have just received a name and, at the same time, created an awareness that the end of the world now lies in the hands of humans – as a possible consequence of either their conscious will or loss of control over their own technology.

After »The Glass Menagerie«, »The Physicists« is Sebastian Kreyer’s second work for the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus.

Photos © Sandra Then

With: Karoline Bär, Yorck Dippe, Ute Hannig, Sachiko Hara, Paul Herwig, Markus John, Anja Laïs, Maik Solbach and Daniela Holtz, Fabian Rogall, Marlon Hangmann

Directed by: Sebastian Kreyer Set Design: Thomas Dreißigacker Costume Design: Maria Roers Lighting Design: Annette ter Meulen Dramaturgy: Michaela Predeick