Sextillions. The fear of getting lost

Die Angst vor dem Verlorengehn
von Ingrid Lausund

Premiere 03/02/2017


Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Generally, an exclamation. Carpe Diem! Or often even: Carpe diem!!!!!!! Bellowed. Frequently accompanied by the realisation of one’s own mortality and the demand that life – being so short – should at least be one big party. Where one takes centre stage, dancing in circles, surrounded by and filled with laughter, colours and music. Another carpe diem consequence: Investing one’s lifetime in the accomplishment of an impressive life performance aimed at the prevention of being immediately forgotten after death. Which could also be brought forward on the Day of Judgement, should it exist.

Should one not be able to attend the grand party of life or find the time to invest in a world-changing immortality project, because there are certain constraints such as having to get the tax return forms done – there is only one way to proceed: All it needs is a kick of carpe diem to turn the moment of filling in the tax return into an exquisite experience of bliss. Because failing to do so would mean that another day has simply passed, just like that.

With: Karoline Bär, Juliane Koren, Bjarne Mädel, Bastian Reiber, Angelika Richter, Michael Weber, Michael Wittenborn Choir: Georg Bochow, Laura Louisa Göllner, Magdalena Huhn, Gunnar Frietsch, Immanuel Johannes Klein, Jana Koch, Timotheus Maas

Directed by Ingrid Lausund Set and Costume Design: Beatrix Von Pilgrim Music: Remy Savisky Dramaturgy: Rita Thiele Lightning Design: Susanne Ressin Sound Design: André Bouchekir, Matthias Lutz Video: Alexander Grasseck, Peter Stein