World Climate Conference

A project by Rimini Protokoll

Premiere 21/11/2014


Running time: Three hours with short breaks

From November 30th to the 11th of December 2015 Paris will host the 21st international climate conference (COP 21). Experts and politicians agree that it is the last opportunity for the international community to reach an agreement on binding solutions to keep global warming within the much discussed 2-degree limit for the coming decades.

The annual climate conferences – “Conferences of the Parties” (COP) – are major political and media events with their own structure and dramaturgy. Representatives struggle over numbers and formulations, alliances are forged, action plans are implemented – and a lot of it is negotiated in small groups alongside the main plenary.

What takes three weeks in real life has been condensed into a three-hour simulation by the artists’ collective Rimini Protokoll. The spectators assume the role of delegates. They meet for the opening ceremony in the great hall of the SchauSpielHaus, and then get together in smaller groups for country and theme specific meetings. They are guided by eighteen experts working in climate research (e.g. Max Planck Institute in Hamburg), politics, or public organisations, presenting the background and facts about the struggle for an international climate policy. How do the resolutions come about at a climate change conference? What do the voting procedures look like, and how do the 196 delegations come to unanimous decisions? How are individual countries deliberately ignored? Which delegations are the blockers – the fossils of the day?

The »World Climate Conference« at the SchauSpielHaus not only offers its audience expert knowledge on the topic, they are further invited to experience the discourse of conflicting opinions and interests firsthand. Each performance will be adapted to the current situation of the negotiations between and during the climate conferences, so that every night the latest developments are discussed and negotiated.

The »World Climate Conference« is produced in co-operation with the Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie,Germanwatch,Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung,Alfred-Wegener-Institut u.a.

Photos © Students of Kunstschule Wandsbek and Benno Tobler