Wut (Rage)

by Max Eipp

Felix Laub, son of an upper-middle-class family, keeps being bullied by the German-Turkish youngster Can and his gang. Can’s macho world, however, also fascinates the directionless teenager.

When one day the gang takes his shoes and Felix has to walk home barefoot, his father finally notices that something is wrong. Simon Laub, who is a prospective professor of literature, seeks to resolve the conflict by talking it through with Can. But at their first encounter it quickly becomes clear that Can speaks a different kind of language. Felix witnesses his father’s helplessness and powerlessness in the face of Can’s explosive violence.

In the meeting of two worlds that mutually threaten to destroy each other, a seemingly unstoppable spiral of violence and revenge unravels which eventually ends in disaster.

»Wut« by Max Eipp is based on the multi-award winning 2006 TV-movie of the same name. The production at the Junges SchauSpielHaus wants to stimulate a cross-generational debate on fundamental values with and among its audience members.

Photos © Sinje Hasheider

With: Hermann Book, Angelina Häntsch, Jonathan Müller, Johannes Nehlsen, Christine Ochsenhofer, Florens Schmidt

Directed by Klaus Schumacher Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Music: Tobias Vethake Lighting Design: Susanne Ressin Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević