Wahl-Abonnements (voucher subscriptions)

The Wahl-Abo has been specially designed for guests who want to create their own subscription. The vouchers are redeemable at various dates as well as on a single evening with family and friends.


Your Benefits:


>> You save up to 30% of the usual ticket price


>> Full flexibility while selecting dates and number of redeemable vouchers. It is also possible for subscribers to redeem their subscription vouchers online. Tickets in higher categories are available for an additional charge.


>> You receive your tickets either by mail, print@home or new: as an electronic ticket directly to your mobile phone.


>> Free transport within the entire area of Hamburg’s public transportation services (HVV) for the visit of your performance


>> Free of charge mailing of our publications if requested by you



All voucher subscriptions are also available online (except for WahlAbo Kombi).



WahlAbo SchauSpielHaus

A general view of our repertoire at the SchauSpielHaus: Eight vouchers valid for performances given on Sunday to Thursday (WahlAbo SchauSpielHaus) respectively on every single day of the week (WahlAbo SchauSpielHaus+). Guest performances and special events are exempted. Tickets for premieres are available at an additional charge.



WahlAbo SchauSpielHaus+


Valid from Sunday to Saturday


Category A   295 €  

Category B   240 €  

Category C   180 €  

Category D   110 €



WahlAbo SchauSpielHaus


Valid from Sunday to Thursday


Category A   225 €  

Category B   170 €  

Category C   130 €  

Category D     85 €


You save up to 25% of single ticket prices.





WahlAbo Kombi


Four vouchers valid for the SchauSpielHaus and four valid for the Malersaal respectively another of our venues (max. two tickets per performance)*


Category A   200 €  

Category B   172 €  

Category C   146 €   

Category D   112 €


You save up to 30% of single ticket prices.




WahlAbo Junges SchauSpielHaus


Eight vouchers at a fixed price of 52 € for performances at the Junges SchauSpielHaus.*



WahlAbo Young


Designed specifically for school and higher education students, trainees up to the age of 30 years old as well as participants in voluntary services (BFD, FSJ, FÖJ): eight vouchers at a fixed price of 56 €. These vouchers are valid for all our venues (at the SchauSpielHaus starting from Category B).*



WahlAbo Social


For beneficiaries claiming unemployment benefits under the SGB II rules: eight vouchers at a fixed price of 56 €. These vouchers are valid for all our venues (at the SchauSpielHaus starting from category B).*


* Except for premieres and specials